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Studio Pilates

Studio Pilates


At Right Balance Pilates, we offer several levels of Reformer, Mat and Cardio Pilates classes. To book classes, click the buttons below!

All classes follow a contemporary Pilates routine and are taught by experienced, certified Pilates instructors who will offer modifications for injuries, and challenges to increase the intensity of the class. Please inform the instructor about any injuries or limitations.


Reformer Pilates

+ Pilates Basics

This class will focus on fundamentals of Pilates and use less resistance. Pilates Basics is carefully crafted for active older adults, post surgery clients or anyone rehabilitating an injury.

+ Level 1

This class is designed for anyone new to Pilates, but has been involved in other group fitness classes.

+ Level 1.5

This class is appropriate for clients ready to elevate their fitness level and goals. The classes will move at a faster pace and assume you understand basic Pilates terminology and technique.

+ Level 2

These classes have more advanced choreography, additional resistance with spring tension, and requires heightened body awareness.

+ Mixed Level

This is a great option for clients who have limited availability and want to fit in a class around their schedule. Mixed level classes will have the intensity level of a Level 1 class, but will offer challenges for the Level 2 clients taking the class

+ Cardio Pilates

This fun and energetic class mixes traditional Pilates and cardio by using a Jump Board. The Jump Board is a small platform that provides a landing space for “jumping” while lying on the Reformer.

Mat Pilates

Private Sessions

  • Reformer

  • Mat

  • Guaranteed Group Private Session for 10 in the Reformer Studio and 16 in the Mat Studio