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RB KIDS DANCE is built on the belief that children of all ages benefit from a dance education, we designed specific programs with different levels of commitment, expectations, and goals. All dancers have a place at our studio where they may experience the joy of dance and maximize their potential for the art form. Whether aspiring for a career in the dance field or enjoying dance as an extracurricular activity, RB KIDS DANCE welcomes you.

(check specific classes for times)




September 27 - November 8

4:30 - 5:15pm

Enter the magical world of ballet through storytelling, costuming, imagination, props and creativity. Students will learn ballet fundamentals while also developing coordination, musicality, social interaction and their love for dance. 


tiny ballerinas


September 27 - November 8

4:30 - 5:15pm

Building on the world of ballet through storytelling, costuming and imagination, students will expand upon their ballet fundamentals at the barre and in the center while also developing body awareness, musicality and their love for dance.


GEneration Pound


october 17 - November 14

4:30 - 5:15pm

GENERATION POUND® is a youth-oriented program that fuses movement and music to improve focus, coordination, physical fitness and teamwork skills. By combining exercise and interactive Activities, kids will learn new ways to explore movement, embrace their creativity and ROCK OUT—ultimately building strength, confidence and self-awareness.




How long is each session?

Typically 3-7 year old sessions are 45-50 minutes long.

7-10 year old classes are 50-55 minutes long.

What should we wear?

We encourage our students in the Little Fairies Dance & Tiny Ballerinas program to wear a black or pink leotard, with pink tights, and ballet shoes. Ballet skirts and leg warmers are optional.   Hair should be kept away from the face in a ponytail or bun.  

Fitness clothing is appropriate for all other dance classes. 

Comfortable play clothing is recommended for KITK.   Please no loose fitting clothing or your "Sunday Best".   We will supply aprons and hats, but hair should be pulled back and away from the face.   

What if I miss a class?

RB Kids does not offer make up classes.   

Does RBDC offer refunds?

Please email info@rightbalancekids.com if you are not able to finish your session. While we don’t offer refunds, we will try to accommodate you if there are extreme circumstances.


Weather Policy

In the case of inclement weather, RB Kids will email updates or cancelations to parents. Please make sure to fill out all contact information when signing up. 


  • Students should arrive prepared for class at least 5 minutes prior the beginning of the session.

  • If a student is late, please have her/him enter the classroom in a quiet and respectful way that does not disrupt the class.

  • Each student should follow the dress code for their class level.

  • Students are encouraged to have their snack and visit the bathroom before class; and to enter the classroom focused and prepared.

  • Absolutely no gum is allowed in the studio. Snacks and drinks are allowed in the waiting area but everyone is responsible for taking care of their trash.

  • Parents are welcome to observe class from the observation window inside the reformer pilates studio if there isn’t a class at that time. Otherwise, parents are invited inside the studio during Observation Week (typically held during the last week of each session).

  • If you plan on purchasing dance clothing or shoes, please arrive early enough so that there is enough time to buy and put on apparel before class time.

  • Please pick-up your student on time.

  • If you have any questions or concerns on any level, please consult the front desk attendant. Alternatively you can email info@rightbalancekids.com or call the studio 302-226-0549.