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Our Team


Carin Langen

A former gymnast and dancer, Carin took up Pilates as a way to strengthen her core and promote whole-body fitness. It quickly helped her to tone and build strong, lean muscles without adding bulk. To continue her passion for Pilates, and to help others see the benefit of creating the mind body connection, she completed her instructor certification from Rock The Reformer in Washington DC, and continued on to become comprehensively trained through Balance Body. Carin has worked for several studios as an instructor, trainer and marketing consultant and has over 20 years experience in dance, movement and Pilates. She has opened Right Balance Pilates in Lewes, Delaware to bring her love of Pilates and movement to the beach area.   


Pamela McAvinue

Pamela is a NETA Certified Personal Trainer and an ACE Certified Group Exercise Instructor with specialties in Pilates including both MAT/standing and Reformer Comprehensives.  She received her certification through the Physical Mind Institute in NYC in 2004 and taught in New Jersey from 2005 - 2017.  Her interest in a career in the fitness industry started with the encouragement of her physical therapist to pursue Pilates training during her own personal rehabilitation. It wasn't long before Pamela recognized that the whole body approach was critical to the recovery process.  Pamela is dedicated to sharing this approach of lifetime wellness and movement through the awareness of Pilates with others.  As a Personal Trainer she loves working with different modalities and looks forward to assisting clients to reach their goals one on one. Pam and her husband moved from the Northern New Jersey area to the bucolic and historic town of Milton after his retirement.  Presently, they are hosting a Foreign Exchange Student from China and supporting her educational and extracurricular endeavors here in America.  When Pam is not teaching at Right Balance Pilates, she loves to cook, garden, read, long walks with her dog and spending time with her Husband.


Laura reitman

After serving as an Orthopedic Physical Therapist for 23 years in the Baltimore area, Laura decided to make Rehoboth Beach her forever home. Laura has been integrating Pilates into her PT practice for years. During her tenure in Baltimore, she incorporated physical therapy and Pilates in a blended wellness plan for patients looking for core stabilization and greater mind/body balance. To expand her repertoire, Laura recently completed Right Balance Pilates Reformer Teacher Training in Lewes, Delaware. Laura continues her education by attending Pilates workshops and related training. Laura is scheduling both private and group sessions to motivate, energize and empower clients with a greater understanding of balanced movement and overall health.


Lynleigh palmer

 As a registered dietitian, Lynleigh has a long history in health and wellness. She started practicing Pilates over ten years ago to cope with severe chronic back pain. Due to the positive outcome of her own Pilates practice, Lynleigh became an instructor to assist others in finding the balance between physical limitation and growth. Lynleigh is a graduate of the Right Balance Pilates Reformer Teacher Training in Lewes, Delaware, and is continually participating in workshops and training throughout the Pilates industry. Other than spending time in the studio, Lynleigh looks forward to her annual family vacation in Maine, sitting down with a good book and a cup of coffee and supporting her husband and two daughters in their various endeavors.


Lesley “Irish” Richman

Irish is a former educator, marketing specialist, lifelong athlete and avid swimmer. Initially, Irish incorporated Pilates into her everyday routine to improve strength, flexibility and balance, but got hooked because of the positive results. Irish is a graduate of the Right Balance Pilates Instructor Training and currently teaches at the studio. She is committed to helping each client reach their individual goals through continued movement and practice. Because of love for the beach, Irish moved to Rehoboth in 2012 with her twins and new Husband. In her leisure Irish enjoys being anywhere the action is, whether it’s a day at the beach, hanging at Starbucks, or doing karaoke at the Parrot. 


Tanya Edwards

Tanya is a graduate of the Balanced Body Comprehensive Training Program for all Pilates apparatus to include: Reformer, Mat, Chair, Arc Barrel, Ladder Barrel, Tower and Cadillac. Tanya is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) and regularly attends Annual Conferences for continuing education and indulges her inner Pilates nerd by attending various specialized Pilates workshops. Tanya also completed Rock the Reformer’s Group Reformer Instructor Certification.Tanya discovered and fell in love with Pilates in 2005 and started her journey with both Mat and Reformer classes. She was amazed at the “whole body” approach and results and believed in the method so much that she wanted to share it with others. Tanya enjoys all aspects of teaching and is a passionate movement specialist. She is a professional instructor that chose this modality as her life purpose and career and is honored to share the Pilates method with her clients. When attending one of Tanya’s classes or private sessions you can expect in-depth cueing, functional full body connections and a bit of humor to balance it all out.


Eileen Kane

Shortly after beginning her career as a physical therapist in 1995, Eileen discovered Yoga while rehabilitating her own injuries and in an effort to increase her strength and flexibility.  Throughout her 23 years as a therapist, she continued her education becoming a registered Yoga instructor, Certified Hand Therapist and most recently becoming certified in Dry Needling.  However, it wasn't until she committed herself to Pilates that she was truly able to return to her previous lifestyle of outdoor adventures and activities.  Understanding the impact Pilates had on her personal rehabilitation, and wanting to motivate others to achieve their own personal goals, Eileen became an ACE accredited Pilates instructor.  Professionally she has taught in Arizona, New Jersey, South Africa and thankfully settled into life in Lewes, DE in 2017 to be closer to family.  Eileen continues to practice as a physical therapist while pursuing her passion of teaching Yoga and Pilates. She also enjoys Acro-Yoga, paddleboarding, hiking, kayaking and photography.


Kimberly Schneider

Kimberly retired from the Defense Department after 30 years of service and moved to the Rehoboth area to enjoy the beach and the many activities it has to offer. Kimberly has always been a believer in exercise and movement to stay healthy. Kimberly began a regular practice of Pilates when Right Balance Studio opened in Lewes, DE. She realized how quickly change came to her body in strength and overall movement and how much fun she has on the equipment. As the RBS Studio Manager, Kimberly also provides administrative and marketing support for Right Balance Pilates.   Kimberly is a graduate of the Right Balance Pilates Reformer Teacher Training and substitutes in Reformers Pilates and Paddle Board Pilates classes.


Stacey chandler


jessica bohl

Jessica Bohl is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. As a practicing chiropractor in Rehoboth Beach, Jessica has a focus on proper form and function of the human frame.  She is a former collegiate track athlete and has always been drawn to fast-paced competitive sports, but due to previous injuries began practicing Pilates at Right Balance.  She fell in love with the perpetual challenge and precision of the practice and has now made it a part of her lifestyle. 

Jessica recognized how Pilates could not only benefit her, but also her patients - especially in improving core strength, balance, and posture.  This led to completing the reformer instructor training at Right Balance Pilates.  She enjoys both the therapeutic aspect of Pilates that she has brought to her chiropractic practice as well as the group fitness aspect as an instructor at Right Balance.

Originally from Montana, Jessica has made Rehoboth Beach her home. She enjoys running, paddle boarding and spending time with her kids.