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Our signature RIGHT BALANCE PILATES education is unparalleled in both quality and process. As a RIGHT BALANCE teacher trainer, you will begin a journey into the world that Joseph Pilates created so many years ago, by enhancing your knowledge and expertise with a contemporary repertoire. All of our master instructors are PMA®-CPT and will serve as mentors throughout your educational continuum.





Reformer Pilates Teacher Training

The RBP Reformer Teacher Training Program was designed to support the mission, vision and values of Right Balance Pilates and make becoming an instructor accessible to all. Our Reformer Teacher Training Program is one module within a larger Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program.  

The RBP Reformer Teacher Training Program will guide students through a 16 week session which will include:

  • Prerequisite reading
  • Studio/Classroom Sessions
  • Class Observation
  • Assistant Teaching (Group and Private)
  • Practical and Written Examinations
  • Supervised Teaching (Group and Private)

Individuals considering registering for this course should have a basic understanding of anatomy and the Pilates industry.   And, have taken a minimum of 1 month of Pilates sessions.      Please email our training team at info@rightbalancepilates.com if you are interested.  

Cost: $800 (plus a $50 materials fee)

Upcoming Dates:
September - December 2018



Anatomy in Three Dimensions™
by Balance Body

A unique exploration into the anatomy of the human body. Build muscles in clay on a specially designed skeleton and imprint the body’s design deeply into your mind.  Anatomy in Three Dimensions™ is a compelling/effective, engaging and fun way to learn the basics of musculoskeletal anatomy. By building the muscles with your own hands you will develop a deep understanding of the structure and function of the human body. Learn the structure and function of bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves, as well as the origin, insertion and action of the muscles. This course pairs muscle function with specific exercises in order to reinforce and apply the anatomical information to movement. Muscles and joints from the knees through the shoulders are covered.

Who Should Attend

AI3D is great for beginners as well as anatomy nerds! Pilates and yoga instructors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, personal trainers, athletic trainers, physical therapists, osteopaths, etc., are welcome.

Join us for the full, 16-hour course or for smaller, more specific workshops. Anyone who works with the body will gain a deeper understanding of how the muscles and bones affect movement.

Balanced Body teaches Anatomy in Three Dimensions around the world at RIGHT BALANCE PILATES.

Upcoming Dates:
April 21 - 22



MAT Pilates Teacher Training

Cost: $495 (plus $50 materials fee) 

Upcoming Dates:
January - March 2019